Mr Greg’s Music Theory And Songwriting Textbook

Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 5.28.17 PMMr Greg’s The Complete Guide to Modern Songwriting as best described is a do-it-yourself course text/workbook designed to assist students in outlining conventional strategies toward original composition.

“While slim in stature, and fitting into any gig bag, Modern Songwriting is the perfect companion for the songwriter on the go!  Exposing the surefire formulas found in today’s music, Modern Songwriting brings to light common techniques found across genres.  With a unique and conventional methodology toward employing it’s teachings in one’s composition(s), Modern Songwriting’s mechanical approaches to songwriting make it one of a kind.

The freedom to navigate lessons taught as the reader desires, allows for songs to be written at the individual’s pace, and for teachings to be applied as one feels necessary.  As Modern Songwriting encourages alternate approaches toward songwriting with each read, it ensures that with each song written, a new experience as unique as the reader.”

3/1/21 UPDATE:  in its first four years, Mr Greg’s The Complete Guide To Modern Songwriting has made’s list of “100 Best-Selling Songwriting Books Of All Time” at #65!  Check it out!

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