Mr Greg

Greg Daulton (Mr. Greg)



BM Orchestration for Film (Film Scoring) Berklee College of Music

Author of The Complete Guide To Modern Songwriting

Guitar ~ Ukulele ~ Bass ~ Voice ~ Drums ~ Songwriting ~ Music Theory

When I was thirteen, I was given my first guitar for my birthday and instantly took to the instrument.  It started as simply as a great way to identify myself in those very confusing teenage years, but soon became something I could always have to myself and always improve on.

Upon advice from my mother, I applied to and was accepted to Berklee College of Music.  While there, I rigorously studied orchestration, production, and guitar in every aspect of my life, toured with my band, and supported myself by both teaching lessons and working in production.

Shortly after graduating I got tired of the road, and felt a need to give back to the world that had been so generous to me.  I decided to get back into teaching and it has been my life ever since.