What if I only know how to play one instrument?

While students will each be writing their own compositions this summer, students will be grouped together for performance purposes, and each student will have their pick of instruments, as well as the opportunity to assign their written parts to fellow students.

What can I expect to gain from this course?

Utilizing the cutting edge curriculum of The Complete Guide to Modern Songwriting, students will complete TRBE 101 with an unparalleled understanding of the songwriting process for all instruments in an ensemble, and the ability to apply techniques acquired in any future band setting.

Where will these amazing, one of a kind, classes be held?

Due to the space required for this course, classes will be held at Backline Rehearsal Studios, located at 7251 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove CA 92841 (suite H in the Eagle Dr Business Center) Map attached

WOW! This sounds amazing, what’s the new class schedule?

Classes will meet Saturdays from noon till 4:00 every Saturday in July (July 2nd – July 30th), and are concluded with a final performance mid August (TBA).

What if I have vacation plans, and can’t make it to every class?

Absences are almost always expected when considering such a lengthy program, but while excessive absences are frowned upon, the logistics of this class allow for students who do need to miss a class, to keep up and not fall behind.

How much will this amazing course cost?

TRBE 101 tuition, including book ($50 value), is $400, and may be split into two payments due July 2nd and July 16th.

What if I already have a copy of Mr Greg’s genius course text?

No, you do NOT need to purchase a new copy! Simply deduct $50 from total tuition due!

Ok, I’m in! How do I sign up?

Please print and fill out the attached enrollment form and follow registration instructions at the bottom. Deadline is June 16th!

What is The Rock Band Experience?

The Rock Band Experience has many opportunities for students, but most simply put, can be thought of as a crash-course in songwriting for an ensemble.  Using proven and common formulas found throughout modern music, students complete the one week program, not only haven written their own original songs, but with knowledge to write original music in any ensemble.

Following the students week, students are encouraged to continue with their band through numerous performance opportunities, and a network of fellow youth musicians/bands in which to perform.

What is the difference between private lessons and band instruction?

As playing by one’s self is geared toward a deeper focus on one’s instrument, playing with others in a band is more about the awareness of a collective sound.  It is an exercise in team building, and a skill that cannot be accomplished through private lessons alone.

My child doesn’t have a band, can they still participate?

Yes!  Mr Greg and his staff have been forming bands for 7+ years, and TRBE serves as the perfect platform for this.  Whether a student wishes to sign up with a friend, or by themselves, all students are welcome!

How are bands formed from individuals signing up?

Bands formed from individual sign ups are chosen using the following criteria:  availability, instrument desired, technical ability, genres interested in playing, and age/grade.

What performance opportunities are offered?

Each week of instruction closes with a small intimate show in which the students will play their original songs twice for family and close friends whom may be around.  This show is held on site following class on Friday, and typically runs 30-45 minutes.

The Rockapalooza is the end of the summer TRBE festival, featuring all bands from spring and summer playing to a crowd of 500+.  Production is high, and food and drink vendors are brought in for this one of a kind benefit show for local charities.

Following these shows, numerous events are held within the TRBE network and all bands are encouraged to perform.

How do I know if my child is ready for The Rock Band Experience? 

Whether a student has only been playing “basic chords” and melodies, or they have “mastered” their instrument, The Rock Band Experience caters all curriculum to the student(s) on an individual basis.  Students are encouraged to contribute what they can to the collective sound and at their own pace, rather than what they must, and without the un-needed pressure to impress.

My child is interested in playing music other than rock, what other styles are taught?

All styles are welcome!  Whether its jazz, country, fusion, metal, punk rock, polka, acid jazz, or death metal, the fundamentals of any style remain the same.  Our teachers backgrounds span just about every different style ever in existence!

What instruments are taught?

Typically, most ensembles will include voice, guitar, bass, drums and piano.  However ALL instruments are welcome!

What instruments does The Rock Band Experience provide?

TRBE provides high quality microphones, electric guitars and basses, keyboards, and drums for students, but students are welcome to bring their own instruments from home.

My child plays multiple instruments, can he/she choose to play more than one instrument?

Yes, all students are absolutely encouraged to contribute as much as possible to their band, as well as experiment with other instruments.

Will my child have the option to learn a different instrument in their band?

Yes, in fact we recommend this, especially for more advanced players.  Every instrument is challenging in a different way, and thus offers different approaches to songwriting.  It is also important for a student to experiment with other instruments so as to know what can be expected from other players.

Why is The Rock Band Experience considered the NEXT STEP?

As the goal of private lessons is to teach techniques to build ones physical ability on an instrument, songwriting is the mental aspect of applying these techniques toward creating.  In other words, the point of learning existing bands songs is to allow for the application of learned techniques in ones original compositions.

For further information, please contact Mr. Greg at Greg.TheRockBandExperience@Gmail.com

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