The Experience

A typical course starts with an introduction to the common formulas found in modern music, and poses such questions as:  “If  ____ can write a hit song, why can’t you?” or “What is it that makes a certain song so good?”.  Students are then instructed how to dissect their favorite songs at their most basic level in order analyze specific attributes found within the music.

Following song analysis, and each day, students will continue with the lesson of the day, a daily lesson tailored specifically for the band.  Whether it’s a listening exercise, a lesson in songwriting, performance techniques, or an analysis of a piece of music, students are encouraged to freely think, and consider the application of studied techniques within their composition.

The lesson of the day is then followed by a full band rehearsal in which students will collectively make the decisions to which form their song.  As each band is different and there is no one process to songwriting, these collective decisions will determine the bands own unique direction and lesson plan for the remainder of the week.

As the week progresses, students are advised how to successfully construct songs using the theory and techniques studied, and are encouraged to experiment with alternative techniques while they draw their own conclusions as to what makes for a great song.

With the coming of Friday’s performances, instruction for the week closes with a dress rehearsal emphasizing stage presence and putting the finishing touches on solo’s etc in preparation for the student’s performance.

Following the the students week, students are encouraged to continue practicing with their band and/or return for another unique week of songwriting.

Some of the techniques studied are:

Fundamentals of Music, Diatonic and Non-diatonic Harmony, Thematic Development, Construction of Consonant Melodies, Tension and Resolution, Writing Solos, Song Structure and Form, Rhythmic Devices, Lyrical Devices, and Lyrical Meter…  And MOST IMPORTANTLY HOW TO COMBINE THE ABOVE TO WRITE A HIT SONG!

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