Mr Greg,

The Rock Band Experience was the most fun our son has had this summer!  You and your staff really have a special talent for motivating kids.  In one short day you had them playing like a real rock band.  At the start of the week they were four kids meeting for the first time and by the end of the week they were like a rock band on tour.  The concert they performed on the last day was so cool.  Big stage, light show, sound system . . .   Just like the House of Blues.

Our son started as a drummer and now you have him playing bass and guitar as well.  It’s unbelievable.  We tried putting him in music lessons and he showed no interest, but your Rock Band Experience program has changed that.  Instead of video games and texting all day everything is about playing music.  We can’t thank you enough for giving our son an amazing experience.

Jon and Lori St. James


Get your kid into the artists’ world of Mr Greg and his The Rock Band Experience team!!!
My 10 yr old daughter is a drummer and this was her 1st leap from a year of lessons INTO ROCK STARDOM!!  Learning to write music and work together with other kids.  She loved it and I can see the new confidence in her.  THANK YOU GREG!….  She even found a band to play drums in as well!
My 13 yr old daughter who plays guitar in 2 established bands, is THRIVING under the direction of Greg and his highly trained team.  She signed up for 2 weeks along with her bandmates from 5 Minutes Late and Orange Circle.  They had 2 original songs written IN 2 DAYS!  The band even went on to play the songs live at The Orange County Fair 1 day after writing and rehearsing the new songs.  WOW…………
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Kurt Steinheibal

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